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The AGROSERVICE Ltd. was established in 1991. It's legal site is Budapest, Hungary. It is a private company, owned by agricultural professionals.

Initially the company was involved in grain trading, PR-services, agricultural development and agricultural and forestry consulting. Food industry and village-supply activities were launched in 1993, followed by an intensive farm development programme from 1994 onwards.

The AGROSERVICE is now in fast lane since 1995. It's farm section in Ecseg and Kozard villages is busy with crop production (wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower and mustar seed) on more than 650 hectares in Nograd county, some 80 kms North-East from Budapest. The farm machinery fleet includes the latest model Claas MEGA 218 combine harvester, RABA-245 and FIAT heavy duty tractors, other new 4WD MTZ tractors, drilling machines for grain and cash crops, and practically all necessary equipment for cultivation. Local and long distance transports are carried out by the powerful LIAZ truck which runs with a big trailer. Besides the mechanization, there are two new grain storages, 1,000 tons capacity each, equipped with grain cleaning and handling facilities.

New AGROSERVICE projects have been approved by the Board, including a new edible oil plant and another huge grain storage. These will be operational before the end of 1999. Among future projects we have to mention the new bee-farm and large fruit plantation, as highest priority investments in 1999.


The Company was pioneer to move to the Internet, and launched its successful Project in July 1997. Within a few months the project was extended to accomodate the AgroForum which is a fast-growing global forum for agricultural information exchange. The AgriBusiness Club, AgriMarket, AgroForum and the AgroTourism are great places to promote corporate and individual co-operation, products and thoughs in agriculture and related fields. The AgroForum is specially featuring fast growing agribusiness connections in Central and East Europe, including new partners from the C.I.S. The latest section of this web project has been opened for Hungarian visitors, and can be found under the Magyar AgroBiznisz section. It has a separate AgriConsulting section, and web-pages to maintain updated lists of major agricultural exhibitions, shows and regional meetings. The Magyar Agrár Telefonkönyv has the largest currectly available database (with full address and access numbers, emails etc.) of companies, organizations and individuals involved in the Hungarian AgriBusiness.



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