The founders of Agroservice Ltd., under the mandate of a private agricultural firm accept the responsibility to devote part of the company resources to help farmers and agricultural professionals in Hungary and abroad. It is our great pleasure to introduce the Agroservice Web, a real example of a success story: developing a genuine agricultural web project by an agricultural firm.


Our history is less than two years in this area. The idea to establish and register our own web-server and create the Agroservice homepage had conceived in July 1997. The entire process had begun with posting a company promotion message in English and Hungarian languages. Meanwhile, Agroservice management had realized that trade promotion on the web was among the most efficient way to introduce their company. It was also appreciated that the world-wide-web offered a fast growing and promising business in the world. Our 20 months of existence on the Net proved that our assessment was correct. We had the opportunity to see the speed of penetration of the web into the agribusiness and its amazing impact.


Within two months of our start, we have announced the creation of the AgriBusiness Club and the AgroForum. The company absorbed the investment cost (setting up three workstations - two in Hungary and one abroad), registering its domain and its own server. In fact, due to the high cost in Europe and Hungary, the Agroservice Web operates from a server placed in the USA.

At start, the AgriBusiness Club was aiming to offer a real agricultural and agribusiness environment for members and partners. In parallel, a free service section was established, to carry large amount of free information to our readers. This is how the AgroForum was established. It is interesting to mention that during the initial six months, we have visitors from western sites, mainly from the US and Canada (35%), and western Europe (10%), leaving the Hungarian visitors at approx. 55%.

In the early 1998, we have created several new sections: Magyar AgroBiznisz (Hungarian AgriBusiness) to cover the Hungarian agribusiness sector, with news and events. This step was among our most successful move, which immediately accelerated the number of hits from 300 to 1000 per day. Also, 1998 was a major step in the development of internet/web acceptance in the agriculture and food sector.

The other new sections were dedicated to promote agricultural consulting activities through the creation of our AgriConsulting page. Similarly, AgroTourism sections was established to support agritourism in the country and in the region. We are now hosting free linkages and CVs of agricultural experts and homepages of lovely villages in North-Eastern Hungary. We also have associated partnership with major agri-eco-tourism agencies, gastronomy and vine pages and artists.

Accepting the growing demands for more marketing information, in mid-1998 we have opened the international AgriMarket and the Hungarian AgrarPiac sections. These are now accepting professional announcements for trade promotion and offering hosting of on-line shops for interested firms.


In AgroForum, which is dedicated to promote "Global Partnership in Agriculture", we are connected to major On-line Agricultural Periodicals, Agricultural Webrings, AgriWeb and AgroWeb sites, National AgriGateWays, Agricultural Information Resources, and many other categories.

In the "Magyar AgroBiznisz", we are displaying a News section, a regularly updated Agricultural Exhibition and Events' Calendar, and the most frequently visited Agriculture Phone Book (an AgriBusiness Directory). These are all free services.


Across the ASWeb, we place emphasis to establish mutually acknowledged partnership with private, public and commercial website within our area of interest. Under that program we welcomed the creation of CEE AgroWeb network and have approached some of the AgroWeb sites, with mixed results. We believe that our joint work these days will reinforce our long-term cooperation with you.

Among our plans there are products like an on-line agribusiness weekly for Hungarian clients (which will be released soon), and conversion of our large website into a searchable database. New emphasis will be given to ensure more interactivity with our visitors, and a general owerhaul to facilitate faster download and and easy navigation.

We wish you an enjoyable surfing.

The ASWeb Team

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