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Book of abstracts of the
6th International Symposium of
Animal Biology and Nutrition
Balotesti, Romania, September 27 - 28, 2007

National Research & Development Institute
for Animal Biology and Nutrition - IBNA
Tel/Fax: (+40 21) 222. 44.10; Tel. (+40 21) 266. 29.61; 266. 12.28; 266. 29.59

J. Seregi1, G. Holló1, J. Csapó2, G. Zsarnóczay3, Á. Kovács3,
P. Pusztai4, P. Hajduk5, L.Sáfár5, L. Kozma8, M. Szucs6, G. Brem7,
L. Szemán9, P. Hajas10, J. Nagy11, L. Kilvinger11
1University of Kaposvár, Health Centre, Institute of Diagnostics and Oncology, 2University of
Kaposvár, Dept. of Animal Sciences, 3Hungarian Meat Research Institute, 4Corvinus University, dept.
of Ecology and Sustainable Farming Systems, 5Hungarian Sheep Breeding Association, 6 SzIE, Ybl
Miklós Dept. of Construction Sciences, 7Agrobiogen GmbH, D, 8Kozma Farm, Tiszaug, 9SzIE, Dept. of
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, NTTI. 10Eur-Agro, Kozárd, 11Zselic Vad, Bőszénfa
In Hungary in the last ten years the number of animals decreased significantly with
most of the species. Some possibilities are presented by the help of which this decrease
can be achieved with optimal exploitation of environment and other resources linked to
animal breeding. Authors deal with preservation and development of feeding methods
of poultry, pig and game races, based on grazing and extensive breeding. The protection
of origin of food raw materials and regional specific foods are discussed at an up-to-date
level. So the quality “from farm to fork” and the confidence can be ensured, and
similarly to other EU-countries, the local marketing would be possible. Some races are
presented and the “protected geographical denominations” demand is urged. Specific
races and species are the traditional poultry, sheep, pig, cattle and game. The results of
our efforts will be traditional, special food raw materials and products with particular
taste, aroma and palatability.
Keywords: traditional (indigenous) animal species and races, protection of origin,
local or regional products.

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