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Napfény Vendégház, Kozárd


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 Palóc Ízek - 25 féle Különleges lekvár készül és persze kapható Kozárdon!

Érdeklődés: Dr. Hajas Pál, Euragro, +36-30-210-4308, Dr. Hajasné Banos Márta, +36-20-365-5758 www.agroservice.hu és www.kozard.hu email: euragro@invitel.hu

Kozárdi Disznótor, minden hétvégén, előzetes rendeléssel, min. 10, max. 50  fős csoportoknak

Come to Kozard, a lovely village in the Cserhat mountains, in North Hungary. We are just 80 km from Budapest, and you can make a memorable excursion by car, bicycle or even on horse…

Artists, painters, stone and wood carving people, flower artists, folk musicians, dancers, will be there all with you and for you. Walking around the village, in the forest, watching wildlife, wildflowers, visit fruit gardens, enjoy the untouched nature. You can visit friendly neighbours in Bujak, Cserhatszentivan and Holloko, you can taste local traditional food, mangalica sausage, grilled in an open-air fire in the newly opened Wildflower/Vadvirág Village restaurant, and you can test your fishing skill capturing wild fishes on the Kozard lake. Dance party, cold beer and good wine. Rooms available in Kozard and other villages. Please call AgroTourism: Lacy House, Sunshine Guesthouse, Kodak House, Vadvirag Guestrooms. More information: The Mayor’s Office: Kozárd, Tel: +36-20-365-5758, email: >>> click

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